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Press Release Benefits

Press release has amazing benefits, after submitting a quality press release, your site will be getting lots of traffic from all the search engines and your site/product/company/brand will get more popularity on the search engines. But be careful if press release is not well written it may can diamage your site/product/company/brand reputation. But we at RankFighter we always write a great press release for our all the clients and after writing the press we send it to our client for finale approval before submitting.

Links Strategy ?

Up to 60% on Main keywords
Up to 30% on Naked Urls
Up to 15% on Generic Keywords

Special Features

  We add relevant images/video on each press.
  We write one 500 words well written press.
  We submit the press release on high page rank sites.
  Turnaround time is 7 business day's.
  We don't use any software for the submissions.
  Seo optimized press release.
  Different usernames will be used, for no footprint.

  • Basic
  • $25
  • 1 Press Release Writing
  • 25 Press Release Submissions
  • 1 Url/Links Allowed
  • 2 Keywords Allowed
  • Standard
  • $50
  • 1 Press Release Writing
  • 50 Press Release Submissions
  • 1 Url/Links Allowed
  • 2 Keywords Allowed
  • Platinum
  • $75
  • 1 Press Release Writing
  • 75 Press Release Submissions
  • 1 Url/Links Allowed
  • 2 Keywords Allowed
Faqs | RankFighter.Com Faq's

Q. Is this service/package is safe for new site?

Ans. Yes, our all service/packages are 100% safe for new or aged sites.

Q. Is I will get the reports?

Ans. Yes, you will get the detailed report on your email address on xls/docx format.

Q. Non - English keywords/sites allowed?

Ans. Yes, please write about foreign keywords/sites details in the form field: "Your Message or Special Instructions?" and we will make links on your foreign keywords.

Q. How Can i Order?

Ans: Its very easy, click on the buynow image, fill the form pay with paypal or your credit/debit card and you are done.

Q. What page rank sites you will use?

Ans. Read our special features above.

Q. Are you providing guaranteed rankings improvements with this service/package?

Ans. No, because its depend on lots of things.

Q. How can I track my order?

Ans. You can track your order anytime just contacting us at: Email: Admin@RankFighter.Com or Skype: RankFighter.Com or Gtalk: RankFighter.Com

Q. Do you offer discount on bulk orders? ?

Ans: Yes, please contact us on skype: RankFighter.Com, Email: Admin@RankFighter.Com