Monthly Web2.0 Creations With 100% Original/Unique Content

Why this service I have to Subscribe monthly ?

Google always love the blog links and these days its working like a rocket, and if you are spending lots of money on buying private blog network links or thinking to make your own private blog network then we can save your precious money and time.


This service has amazing benefits. These blogs will work same as like a private blog network because we use different type of sites for your web2.0 blogs creation and each site we use for your web2.0 blog has different type of platforms also they all are from different Ip's and all sites has high page ranks.

100% Possible Recovering from google slap

In future if google update their algorithm again and if your site got infected then you can simply remove the created web2.0 blog network in only few minutes or you can request us to send an email and we will do it just free of cost for you, and your site will get its fresh position again. Now you can think if you had already bought private blog network links for your site, can you remove them ???? Obviously no.

What is the process ?

Process is very simple first of all you have to subscribe this service for your sites, after that we will start the creation of your fresh/new web2.0 blogs and we will update them everymonth, and will send a detailed report each after 30 day's.

Can I Know Status of my order in middle dates ?

Yes, Just drop us a email at: Admin@RankFighter.Com and you will be getting updates in maximum 24 hours on your requested email address.

Links Strategy ?

Up to 50% on Main keywords
Up to 50% on LSI Keywords
Up to 15% on Naked Urls
Up to 15% on Generic Keywords

Special Features

  We add relevant images/video on each property.
  Original content will be used on each property.
  30 Day's drip submissions.
  We don't use any software for the submissions.
  We change theme on each property.
  Different usernames will be used, for no footprint.

  • Basic
  • $75
  • 25 Web2.0 Submissions
  • 500 Words Article on Each
  • Unique/Original Content
  • 1 Url/Links Allowed
  • 2 Keywords Allowed
  • 10X Social Bookmarks
  • Standard
  • $150
  • 50 Web2.0 Submissions
  • 500 Words Article on Each
  • Unique/Original Content
  • 2 Url/Links Allowed
  • 4 Keywords Allowed
  • 10X Social Bookmarks
  • Platinum
  • $249
  • 100 Web2.0 Submissions
  • 500 Words Article on Each
  • Unique/Original Content
  • 4 Url/Links Allowed
  • 8 Keywords Allowed
  • 10X Social Bookmarks
Faqs | RankFighter.Com Faq's

Q. Is this service/package is safe for new site?

Ans. Yes, our all service/packages are 100% safe for new or aged sites.

Q. Is I will get the reports?

Ans. Yes, you will get the detailed report on your email address on xls/docx format.

Q. Non - English keywords/sites allowed?

Ans. Yes, please write about foreign keywords/sites details in the form field: "Your Message or Special Instructions?" and we will make links on your foreign keywords.

Q. How Can i Order?

Ans: Its very easy, click on the buynow image, fill the form pay with paypal or your credit/debit card and you are done.

Q. What page rank sites you will use?

Ans. Read our special features above.

Q. Are you providing guaranteed rankings improvements with this service/package?

Ans. No, because its depend on lots of things.

Q. How can I track my order?

Ans. You can track your order anytime just contacting us at: Email: Admin@RankFighter.Com or Skype: RankFighter.Com or Gtalk: RankFighter.Com

Q. Do you offer discount on bulk orders? ?

Ans: Yes, please contact us on skype: RankFighter.Com, Email: Admin@RankFighter.Com