High Page Rank (pr4+) .EDU Links

.EDU Links Importance ?

Everyone knows importantance of .EDU links. Our team consistant work to finding best links or strategy for our clients and .EDU links are always help to improve the high rankings on search engines. Also the most important thing is google value an .EDU link 10 times more than a normal backlink. It helps alot to increase authority of any website.

Links Strategy ?

100% on Main keywords

Special Features

  High Page Rank (pr4+) .EDU sites will be used.
  We add relevant images/video on each blog.
  Original content will be used on each blog.
  Turnaround time is 7 business day's.
  We don't use any software for the submissions.
  Different usernames will be used, for no footprint.

  • Standard
  • $25
  • 5 .EDU Links
  • 500 Words Article on Each
  • Unique/Original Content
  • 1 Url/Links Allowed
  • 2 Keywords Allowed
  • Platinum
  • $50
  • 10 .EDU Links
  • 500 Words Article on Each
  • Unique/Original Content
  • 1 Url/Links Allowed
  • 2 Keywords Allowed
Faqs | RankFighter.Com Faq's

Q. Is this service/package is safe for new site?

Ans. Yes, our all service/packages are 100% safe for new or aged sites.

Q. Is I will get the reports?

Ans. Yes, you will get the detailed report on your email address on xls/docx format.

Q. Non - English keywords/sites allowed?

Ans. Yes, please write about foreign keywords/sites details in the form field: "Your Message or Special Instructions?" and we will make links on your foreign keywords.

Q. How Can i Order?

Ans: Its very easy, click on the buynow image, fill the form pay with paypal or your credit/debit card and you are done.

Q. What page rank sites you will use?

Ans. Read our special features above.

Q. Are you providing guaranteed rankings improvements with this service/package?

Ans. No, because its depend on lots of things.

Q. How can I track my order?

Ans. You can track your order anytime just contacting us at: Email: Admin@RankFighter.Com or Skype: RankFighter.Com or Gtalk: RankFighter.Com

Q. Do you offer discount on bulk orders? ?

Ans: Yes, please contact us on skype: RankFighter.Com, Email: Admin@RankFighter.Com